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Hot Mic with Dan Savage

Oct 17, 2017

Since Hot Mic with Dan Savage is a show about sex and relationships, we figured maybe in at least one episode we’d talk about the part that involves baby making. We'll also talk about what happens when you want a baby, but don't wanna sex it into existence. Plus, a surprising revelation: babies eventually turn into teenagers.

Get ready for two hilarious live stories about baby makery, curated by Dan Savage: “Pregnant Pause” by K. Thompson for RISK! and “Ice Ice Baby” by Nikki Levy for Don’t Tell My Mother. Then, comedian Chad Daniels sits down to talk to Dan about raising a teenager. And finally, we've got a special musical PSA by Reformed Whores.

In each episode of Hot Mic with Dan Savage, relationship expert and columnist Dan Savage showcases and provides commentary on the best true stories about sex and relationships from live storytelling shows across the country.